By Arthur V. Evans

The fire-colored beetle, Neopyrochroa femoralis (LeConte) (13-19 mm), is easily distinguished from other large pyrochroids in eastern North America by its black and orange legs.

The fire-colored beetle Neopyrochroa femoralis (LeConte) is easily distinguished from the only other large pyrochroid in eastern North America, N. flabellata (Fabricius), by its black and orange legs. The male has branched antennae and lacks a horn on its head. Adults are found under bark or at lights at night in spring and summer. This species occurs from Ontario and Quebec south to Georgia, west to eastern Nebraska and Texas.

© 2010, A.V. Evans


  1. We find these days in Oregon during the summer months.

  2. Penelope cooper Says:

    I saw a fire coloured beetle on my window ledge can you get this bug in the uk

  3. karen vermillion Says:

    my mom has a bunch of these bugs on her trailer what do you do to get rid of them. She lives in Edinburgh, in usa

  4. I found a similar looking bug here in Southern California, but its back is more brown than black. It was on our sliding glass door beneath an outdoor light.

  5. Corinne T Says:

    I’m glad you posted that link, that is the beetle I had in my house tonight here in No. Calif., the Pacificanthia consors. Was having trouble figuring out what he was. Thank you! He’s back outside.

  6. Hello,

    We stumbled upon your website trying to identify a bug. We found a beetle that looks similar to this in western Washington tonight in our backyard. Are they common in Washington? Thanks for your help!

  7. We found a beetle that looks very much like this one but found it here in Palm Springs, CA. The orange extends another segment down the legs, though, so I wonder if this is a near relative? I don’t have a way to attach a photo to this comment.

  8. im in az and they are all over my moms yard we have dogs cats and also horses next door I read they are dangerous and can harm animals and humans how do we get ride of them fast their is a baby here also

  9. might have found one is Spokane, WA. me seeing one for the first time ever. do these bugs bite ?

  10. Princess Hill Says:

    Found one in spring. In NE Georgia. It must be a female because it has a black head/orange reddish middle/black beetle like bottom. Plus mandibles.

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